Saturday, February 10, 2007

Maine's Ice Fishing Regulations 2007

Just for fun, I read the entire State of Maine Ice Fishing Regulations for 2007 today. OK- it wasn't just for fun. I feel I need to know this stuff if I'm going to be a guide. Besides, some of this material might be on the guide exam.

In any case, I learned some cool things. Here are my notes:

  • You don't need a license to ice fish in Maine on 2/17/2007 and 2/18/2007. I wrote those days down, good days to take the kids ice fishing. (The Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding President's Day each year are free fishing days).
  • No ice fishing at night is allowed. You can ice fish only between 1/2 hour before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset.
  • The bag limits for fish per day are actually between noon of one day and 11:59am the next day. So if you only fish one day, you can catch your limit in the morning, have a huge fish lunch and go out again in the afternoon to catch your limit again.
  • Only 5 lines/traps per person
  • Don't cut off heads and tails until you are ready to cook the fish
  • Use 2" Letters on your ice shack
  • All brooks, streams, and rivers are off limits to ice fishing unless they are listed in the rule book as open to ice fishing
  • Maine resident kids can fish without a license until they turn 16. Out of state kids can fish without a license only until they are 12.

Hopefully someone else finds this material interesting too.


hbl said...

You read the whole dang thing? Small print and all?

So, you really didn't want to go fishing, did you?

Come on. Be honest...

Shawn said...

I would much rather be fishing. That is why I'd never read it before. I went by an ice fishing derby on Lake Winnipesaukee today. It looked like a city on ice. They had huge circus tents, a parking lot, and planes out on the ice. Not my idea of ice fishing but apparently, plenty of other people like it.