Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time to catch and release those Brookies

Maine state law now states:

"From August 16 - September 30, rivers, brooks, and streams are restricted to the use of artificial lures only and the total daily bag limit for landlocked salmon, trout and togue (lake trout) is 1 fish."

These poor fish are starving due to all the rain we've been having. My kids have been catching a lot of hungry brookies lately using worms. They have even begun to experiment with different lure and worm combinations. This weekend we're switching to lures only. We don't have a problem with the limit since we try to keep it to one fish per person anyway.

What a crazy Summer we've had. There is so much water in our brook that I saw a Beaver submerge and swim upstream. I was so startled I didn't take a picture in time!

Let those brook trout spawn and stick to the lakes- happy fishing!