Sunday, June 22, 2008

Long winter

It was a log tough winter. I managed to get one trip in through Baxter State Park in January that I will surely blog about. After that we got snowstorm after snowstorm, and I was constantly reminded of how poorly we are set up here on our farm. The barns we use to store hay and house chickens roofs have a pitch that was inadequate for the snow to slide off of. I have pictures of me shoveling five feet of snow from them.

Spring brought thunderstorms and lightening took out the well pump. At 280ft, you can't service your own well. So there went another $1500. Why do we choose to fight nature? I wish we had a shallow well and the nice gravel that go along with it!

So, in any case, Summer is finally here and we're still getting ready for next winter.

This year, we'll be using the wood boiler. No more oil for us at $4 plus per gallon. I'm attempting to reroof the barns with a steeper roof. No sense fighting nature, I'll let nature shovel the roof.

Have you planted your garden yet? We've got tomatoes in. We hope to plant more but time is rushing by!

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